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Tat Talk 1 With Daniel Kickflip
We are going to meet cool tattoo artists regulary, not only to have a look on their art and style but also to find out everything you ask for! Yes you've read right!
Stay Cold X Matt Chaos - Eternal Blaq
Stay Cold talks to Matt about changing careers, moving to the USA without speaking English, and his biggest fears.
Laura Yahna aka „The Girl with the Matchsticks“
Stay Cold talks to Laura Yahna about fear of flying, feeling like an alien and  tattooing as an emotional outlet.
Felix Seele x Abis One, Los Angeles 2018
Stay Cold follows two tattoo artists from different continents as they combine their skills and styles to create a piece with a message for all the haters.
Jersper Jorgensen: My favorite part of my job is the absolute freedom
Tattooing is Jesper Jorgensen’s dream job. Hailing from a small city in Jutland, Denmark, he says: „I never really had a plan, but I knew what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want the whole 9-to-5 thing.“
Artist Spotlight: Ralph Espiritu
Ralph Espiritu, a tattoo artist and illustrator from the Philippines, is one of Stay Cold Apparel’s most popular designers.