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Reign of Blood - Heavy Oversized Hoodie 400GSMReign of Blood - Heavy Oversized Hoodie 400GSM
Eternal - Neck WalletEternal - Neck Wallet
Eternal - Neck Wallet Sale priceCHF 44.00
Bloodshed - T-ShirtBloodshed - T-Shirt
Bloodshed - T-Shirt Sale priceCHF 49.00
Ritual of Blood - T-ShirtRitual of Blood - T-Shirt
Ritual of Blood - T-Shirt Sale priceCHF 49.00


In the dead of night, as the moon casts its ghostly glow, we unveil the „Bloodrush“ collection – an ode to the chilling allure of Halloween. This drop redefines fearlessness, inviting you to embrace the shadows and unleash your inner darkness. Let „Bloodrush“ be your anthem as you pave your own path, unafraid of the darkness that lies ahead.Defeat conformity and be your own master, dare to explore the unknown. Stay Cold