Fire Sun Bandana

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Color: black

The „Fire Sun“ bandana by Suzani is a wicked addition to elevate your look.
Wrap it around, and you‘re embracing the dual nature of this unique collaboration. It‘s a versatile piece that effortlessly switches between Deez Nuts‘ raw energy and Stay Cold‘s defiant spirit. Dare to dawn the duality, and let your identity shine through.

High-quality classic bandana scarf
Fabric: 100% cotton
Color: black with screen print
Fit: unisex

Influenced & designed by tattoo artists.
We proudly stand behind every product we make.

Stay Cold Apparel, hailing from the dynamic streets of Berlin, Germany, since 2015, is the brainchild of

Maximilian Abraham.

In a rapid journey, it quickly gained worldwide recognition.Max, embarked on a unique journey, transitioning from a graffiti artist to a musician, managing his own music studio, and eventually giving birth to his own streetwear brand .

You can see that he is a free spirit not your typical designer; he's a creator at heart and blood, an individual who doesn't conform to the fast fashion grind.

"My mother, a fashion designer herself pushed me into art from the very beginning. I always had an inner ambition that drove me to do creative things. I love to build things up. I painted a lot as a kid."

I started 'Stay Cold Apparel' to be able to express my creativity and make a living out of it. I wanted to bring quality and character back into streetwear while creating highquality, resistant and durable clothing . I had to build a brand which aligns with my kind of style, my sense of aesthetics, and also reflects my cultural background.

That's why Stay Cold Apparel encapsulates Max's background and passions, including his devotion to art, the enigmatic world, and the vibrating music scene.