FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who to ask if i got questions, not mentioned here?

        Please feel free to write support@staycoldapparel.com, we're happy to help you out!

        2. How do I cancel my order?

        Sadly we are not able to cancel any orders, once the items are sent out. Our fulfillment is running automatically to guarantee fast and error free shipping. However, you can exchange, or return any item through our website.

        3. How do I return / exchange an item?

        Please feel free to use our return-portal: https://www.staycoldapparel.com/pages/return-policy
        Just type in your email and order number, and choose the items you want to send back to us- if you are unsure about the process please contact: support@staycoldapparel.com

        4. What if I need to change my address?

        Once your order has been sent out, we cannot make changes to your address anymore. If you made a mistake, or the the delivery was unsuccessful, please let us know, so we can send out your order again, when it comes back to our warehouse.

        5. How long does shipping usually take?

        Orders will be shipped from our warehouse on German working days and are delivered by DHL, Deutsche Post and local post services.
        Disclaimer: Due to the current rise in parcel volumes and more stringent COVID safety measures, the delivery of shipments may be subject to delays in certain cases. We ask for your understanding in such instances. Please note that international shipping can be carried out via ocean freight, resulting in considerably longer transit time.
        The following estimations are subject to change and based on our current experiences:
        - Germany: 2-3 days
        - USA: up to 8 weeks
        - UK: 7 days
        - European Union: 7 days
        - Australia & Canada: up to 8 weeks
        - Rest of the world: varying depending on location
        If you need assistance tracking your order, please message us at support@staycoldapparel.com

        6. I got a diferent, damaged or defective item - what to do?

        If this happens, please contact our customer service at support@staycoldapparel.com . We need your order number (#12345), a photo of the defective item and a description of the issue. If you received a wrong item, we also need a photo of the barcode on the bag of the product. Our customer service finds a solution!