Stay Cold Apparel Blasphemy Black Metal Corpse War Paint Hoodie
Blasphemy Hoodie
Blasphemy Hoodie
Measurements Stay Cold Apparel Blasphemy Hoodie

Stay Cold Apparel

Blasphemy Hoodie

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  • Blasphemy is a welcome death wish for those who do not abide by the rules of god. Tempt the fates with moral menace. Dare to fall on your own sword. Suicide is a sin forgiven by the new sun.
  • The "Blasphemy" hoodie
  • Oversize Black Metal corpse paint back print
  • Blasphemy pentagramm chest print
  • Printed on 320 g/m² hooded sweatshirt
  • 80% ring-spun cotton 20% polyester
  • Fair trade / global organic textile standard
  • Printed with eco friendly colors
  • Trust me that hoodie is fucking  soft, thick, and comfortable.
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