Matt Chaos Eternal Blaq – Stay Cold Apparel

Burning churches, demonic creatures and astral symbolism – Matt Chaos is not your average tattoo artist. Even though he always loved to draw, went to art school and is covered from head to toe in tattoos, he never thought he’d become a tattoo artist himself until the age of 30. “I became tired of being on the computer and working for big clients,” he remembers his time working in digital marketing. With no prospects on the horizon in France, Matt finally decided to drastically turn his life around and pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo apprentice in the US.


Five years on, Matt Chaos’ unique tattoo style and obscure themes have earned him an outstanding reputation within the Blackwork community. But being a fulltime tattoo artist means much more to him than just artistic freedom: “You need to stay humble and you can’t stop watching others in the profession,


even if it's not a style you like, you can learn from everyone, so never stop focusing on learning.”  His perseverance in the face of obstacles and his eagerness to challenge himself by stepping outside of his comfort zone is what really pushed the boundaries of his tattoo art.


For the Eternal Black series, his exclusive 2018 collaboration with Stay Cold Apparel, tattoo artist Matt Chaos‘ vision was to create a more brutal design than his traditional style incorporating less lines and darker imagery with more black than white shapes. His creative evolution captures the spirit of a generation that has grown tired of constantly worrying about the future, but chooses to focus on the present instead: “It's not about leaving something for later, I'm more into the now, doing things now, the best way that I can.”

Matt Chaos Eternal Blaq

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