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DIABOLIC EUPHORIA by @rockin.rabbit x Stay Cold

DIABOLIC EUPHORIA by @rockin.rabbit x Stay Cold

Artist Spotlight Rockin Rabbit:

Our latest drop, „Diabolic Euphoria,” is crafted in collaboration with the incredible Rockin Rabbit, a tattoovirtuoso with an illustrative spirit. She began tattooing as a hobby but turned her passion into her profession:

„I started tattooing in 2009, during my second year of studying graphic design at the uni in Budapest, Hungary.In the beginning, it was more of a hobby, but in a few years, it grew to be my main profession as well as mydream job. I love everything about tattooing, the freedom that this lifestyle gave me, and the connections Icould build with fellow artists, clients, studios, and art projects. I love the inspiration that my client’s ideas gaveme, and the endless hours of planning and designing. What a ride till now!“

Tattoo Art by rockin.rabbit

What she most appreciates about it is „being part of the process and the intimacy of tattooing itself, even if it’sme getting tattooed, quite a ritual I would say... the only thing I would skip about it is the back pain!“

Beyond tattooing, Rockin Rabbit delves into a myriad of artistic endeavors. „I always thought of myself asa more-than-one-trick pony and always an illustrator in spirit, so I love to keep some side projects next totattooing. That includes designs for awesome brands like StayCold Apparel and more, making album covers, beer labels, prints, paintings, etc.. I love to work in many different mediums.“

Her unique style is her trademark, and her work is a melting pot of creativity.

„I love to make everything a littlefluid and trippy. Love to work with characters, but also with flow and abstract shapes. My influences are classiccartoons, new school, neotraditional, and graphic styles (in tattooing), visionary art, art deco, art nouveau,calligraphy.. definitely a million things.“

Tatto art by rockin.rabbit

And this is exactly what „Diabolic Euphoria” is about, a manifestation of Rockin Rabbit’s imagination—a fusionof iconic characters and psychedelic wonders: „Our latest projects with StayCold were inspired by some iconiccartoon characters and their universes as well, sprinkled with a good amount of psychedelia.“

Get ready to experience the magic that unfolds when ink, fabric, and a visionary artist unite.

Oversized Hoodie Diabolic Euphoria

Diabolic Euphoria - Oversized Hoodie

Artwork by @rockin.rabbit

This Oversized Hoodie is a visual feast; it’s a comic-manga mashup divingdeep:„The ‘Diabolic Euphoria’ features the Seven Deadly Sins, highlighting the onethat may globally affect us most: Greed. Both ironic and satirical, ScroogeMcDuck is the maincharacter in this project, turning into a real money-monster coming right outta your sinful dreams about having it all, all thatthis crooked world has to offer, including a lot of money and power. On thesleeves you can meet some other beloved (or feared) cartoon charactersfrom our childhood representing the rest of the deadly sins (lust, pride, wrath,envy, gluttony and sloth) that are tempting us every day.”

Trippy Terror - Oversized Hoodie

Trippy Terror - Oversized Hoodie

Artwork by @rockin.rabbit

Come with us on a wild, psychedelic joyride with our „Trippy Terror” Oversized Hoodie, where a funny and well-known cartoon character, along with his squad, takes you on a mind-bending adventure through ahallucinogenic wonderland. Created in collaboration with the visionary @rockin.rabbit, this hoodie is not just fashion; it’s a trip into the unknown.

„The „Trippy Terror” is an utterly confusing yet amusing psychedelic mash-up of a group ego-death experience of Sponge Bob and his buddies, afterconsuming some Krabby Patties of unknown source. Once they are out inhyperspace, or down the rabbithole, things get a little scary and wonky, whoknows if they will ever find their way back to their original planet. Clearly, all ofthem are tuning in and dropping out. If you know, you know! This illustrationdefinitely reminds me of hearing Terrence McKenna’s lectures and listeningto Shpongle tracks in the sun."

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