Summer Drop 2018

We are born into this world unwillingly. Struggling to …


“If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell” (Virgil, The Aeneid VII)

We are born into this world unwillingly.
Struggling to find ourselves as we slowly drown in an endless sea of conformity and oppression.
Our exhausted lungs are about to collapse.
We spend our days staring into the abyss waiting for a change that simply won't come.
Listening to the heavy sound of the clocks slowly ticking our lives away.


Summer Drop 2018


Don’t waste your time holding grudges against the enemies of your past.
Stop fighting all the things you cannot control.
Stray from the path of the masses and forge your own way.
Concentrate on yourself, work hard and prove everyone who dared to doubt you wrong.


Summer Drop 2018

The time has come.
Your heart is thumping wildly in its tiny cage.
Close your eyes, enter the dark realms of the unconscious and face your inner demons.
There you will find yourself.
Break the cycle.

Stay Cold

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