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Get ready to turn heads and make waves this summer with our latest drop: Shorts, shorts, and more shorts! From the iconic „Reign of Blood“ Boardshorts to the badass „Necroblade“ Boardshorts and the killer „Crowdkill“ Boardshorts, we‘ve got you covered for the hottest season yet. Stay cool, stay stylish, and stay true to your unique vibe with Stay Cold. Don‘t miss out on these must-have summer essentials, because when it comes to slayin‘ the summer game, we‘ve got your back. Let‘s make this summer one for the books!

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Scars of Agony - Board Shorts 330GSMScars of Agony - Board Shorts 330GSM
Reign Of Blood 2.0 - BoardshortsReign Of Blood 2.0 - Boardshorts
Eternal Conquest - Boardshorts (White)Eternal Conquest - Boardshorts (White)
Crowdkill - BoardshortsCrowdkill - Boardshorts
Crowdkill - Boardshorts Sale price€49.90
Thorns Reign Supreme - Swim ShortsThorns Reign Supreme - Swim Shorts
Reign Of Blood - BoardshortsReign Of Blood - Boardshorts
Reign Of Blood - Boardshorts Sale price€49.90
Eternal Conquest - Boardshorts (Red)Eternal Conquest - Boardshorts (Red)
Necroblade (Bleach White) - BoardshortsNecroblade (Bleach White) - Boardshorts
Angel Dust - Swim ShortsAngel Dust - Swim Shorts
Angel Dust - Swim Shorts Sale price€44.90
Necroblade - BoardshortsNecroblade - Boardshorts
Necroblade - Boardshorts Sale price€49.90