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Cut Throat - Oversized T-ShirtCut Throat - Oversized T-Shirt
Attitude - Oversized HoodieAttitude - Oversized Hoodie
Attitude - Oversized Hoodie Sale price€84.90
Return Of The Dead - HoodieReturn Of The Dead - Hoodie
Return Of The Dead - Hoodie Sale price€79.90
Just Burn It - T-ShirtJust Burn It - T-Shirt
Just Burn It - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Be Mine - Oversized HoodieBe Mine - Oversized Hoodie
Be Mine - Oversized Hoodie Sale price€84.90
Medusa - Oversized T-ShirtMedusa - Oversized T-Shirt
Medusa - Oversized T-Shirt Sale price€42.90
Attitude - Oversized T-ShirtAttitude - Oversized T-Shirt
Attitude - Oversized T-Shirt Sale price€42.90
Hangover - HoodieHangover - Hoodie
Hangover - Hoodie Sale price€79.90
Fashion Kill - T-ShirtFashion Kill - T-Shirt
Fashion Kill - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Poecraft - T-ShirtPoecraft - T-Shirt
Poecraft - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Magic Mushroom - T-ShirtMagic Mushroom - T-Shirt
Magic Mushroom - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Zombie Fox - T-ShirtZombie Fox - T-Shirt
Zombie Fox - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Wolf Swallowed The Sun - Oversized T-ShirtWolf Swallowed The Sun - Oversized T-Shirt
Return Of The Dead - T-ShirtReturn Of The Dead - T-Shirt
Return Of The Dead - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
Hannya Fox - HoodieHannya Fox - Hoodie
Hannya Fox - Hoodie Sale price€79.90
Unholy Mass - Oversized T-ShirtUnholy Mass - Oversized T-Shirt
Gone Rogue - Oversized T-ShirtGone Rogue - Oversized T-Shirt
The Moon - Oversized HoodieThe Moon - Oversized Hoodie
The Moon - Oversized Hoodie Sale price€84.90
Witchy Hour - T-ShirtWitchy Hour - T-Shirt
Witchy Hour - T-Shirt Sale price€39.90
To The Moon And Back - T-ShirtTo The Moon And Back - T-Shirt
Yamas Judgement - Oversized HoodieYamas Judgement - Oversized Hoodie
Morrigan - Oversized T-ShirtMorrigan - Oversized T-Shirt
Morrigan - Oversized T-Shirt Sale price€42.90
Dead Bloom - Oversized T-ShirtDead Bloom - Oversized T-Shirt
Sold out
Trip Fiction - Oversized HoodieTrip Fiction - Oversized Hoodie


Our “Hall of Fame” collection is a tribute to the talentedartists who have made “Stay Cold Apparel” what it is today. Each item in this special edition drop is a celebration of their artwork and their contribution to our community. By wearing our “Hall of Fame” T-Shirts and Hoodies, you not only show your appreciation for their creativity but also become a part of the Stay Cold Family. The “Hall of Fame” drops feature reissued special edition items, all crafted with high-quality fabric and custom hem tags.