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BROKEN DREAMS by @gorchart x Stay Cold
Artist Spotlight

BROKEN DREAMS by @gorchart x Stay Cold

Follow us into the world of tattoo artistry and illustration with Silvia, better known to you as Gorcha or @gorchart, She stands as a beacon of boundless creativity and fearless self-expression. Bo...

Artist SpotlightDIABOLIC EUPHORIA by @rockin.rabbit x Stay Cold

DIABOLIC EUPHORIA by @rockin.rabbit x Stay Cold

Discover the art of Rockin Rabbit, where tattoo mastery meets visionary creativity. From her beginnings in Budapest to iconic projects like "Diabolic Euphoria," explore her journey and the captivat...

Artist SpotlightArtist Spotlight: Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin / Artist Spotlight

We talked to Tom Barber, the lead singer of Chelsea Grin, about his difficult relationship with the music industry, the online trolling he has experienced, and the risks he has taken to be in the...

Artist SpotlightTat Talk 1 With Daniel Kickflip

Daniel Kickflip / Tat Talk

We are going to meet cool tattoo artists regulary, not only to have a look on their art and style but also to find out everything you ask for! Yes you've read right!

Artist SpotlightStay Cold X Matt Chaos - Eternal Blaq

Matt Chaos X Stay Cold - Eternal Blaq

Stay Cold talks to Matt about changing careers, moving to the USA without speaking English, and his biggest fears.

Artist SpotlightLaura Yahna aka „The Girl with the Matchsticks“

Laura Yahna aka „The Girl with the Matchsticks“

Stay Cold talks to Laura Yahna about fear of flying, feeling like an alien and  tattooing as an emotional outlet.