Scars of Agony

Step into the shadows with our „Scars of Agony“ collection, where pain meets power and style takes center stage. Dropping soon, the „Angel Dust“ Shirt and Swim Shorts combo alongside the „Scars of Agony“ Shirt with matching Prime Shorts are set to make waves.

„Scars of Agony“ is more than a name — it's a nod to the battles we endure and the resilience we possess. It's about owning your struggles and transforming them into something fierce and unforgettable.

Here at Stay Cold Apparel, we're all about empowering you to dominate with confidence and killer style. So, gear up, wear your scars proudly, and let's show the world what we're made of.

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Scars of Agony - Board Shorts 330GSMScars of Agony - Board Shorts 330GSM
Thorns Reign Supreme - Swim ShortsThorns Reign Supreme - Swim Shorts
Angel Dust - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSMAngel Dust - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSM
Scars of Agony - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSMScars of Agony - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSM
Angel Dust - Swim ShortsAngel Dust - Swim Shorts
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Thorns Reign Supreme - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSMThorns Reign Supreme - Heavy Oversized T-Shirt 250GSM