Felix Seele x Abis One, Los Angeles 2018

Felix Seele x Abis One, Los Angeles 2018
Felix (right), a Berliner and Abis (left) an LA native …


Stay Cold follows two tattoo artists from different continents as they combine their skills and styles to create a piece with a message for all the haters.
Felix (right), a Berliner, and Abis (left), an LA native, first met on Instagram. “I really liked seeing his style. We both came from a completely different country and scene," said Abis. When Felix traveled to LA for the first time, they took the opportunity to work together on a custom design.

"The piece is a statement for everyone who doesn't respect you, a statement about all the obstacles you had to overcome in the past," said Felix. Abis can relate. His journey to success wasn't easy either: "I never had supporters, only people putting me down. My biggest challenge was to prove them wrong."

For Felix, the Californian adventure was as much about practicing his craft as it was about expanding his horizons. "Everything I knew about LA came from video games and movies," he said. "I travel because It shows you who you are, what you want and how beautiful and different our world is. I missed California the moment I left."


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