"Are you tired of being held back by the chains of conformity? Do you long to express yourself in a world that often tries to blend in? Look no further, because Stay Cold is here to empower you with our latest collection. Our artworks are unapologetically bold and fearless, just like you. We believe in breaking free from the rules and embracing the spirit within. This collection is a call to arms, a rebellion against the status quo. It's time to rise up and take control of your individuality. Stay Cold"

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Honestly the whole pre-order was the easiest shopping at Stay Cold ever. It was very appealing that the two items I wanted would come in a single package and I wouldn't have to buy them seperately.

I am very happy with the designs I  got and surprised by the quality of the items. From pre-order to delivery everything has worked great for me.

I was slightly concerned on how fast everything would be shipped out due to being overwhelmed by orders, but all went fast and simple and I was ecstatic to get my hoodie.

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I was just curious to try the new early access thing. I am very happy with the product and got no complaints.

Finally I was able to get all the stuff  I wanted in a single order without having to fear some of it being gone already between two different drops.


As a Stay Cold Subscriber you get exclusive access to the entire range of an upcoming collection before it becomes available for everyone.You can pre-order your favorite designs with a single purchase without having to wait for daily drops - potentially missing out on an item. Many of you have been asking for an opportunity to pre-order for quite a while now so we are more than happy to finally make this happen.

Simply enter your email below and verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your inbox - no additional steps required.Once sucessfully subscribed to our mailing list you will automatically receive your personal passcode to access our upcoming collection when early access starts.

If you are subscribed to our Newsletter already or have signed up for early access for a previous collection you don't need to sign-up again to get your passcode.Likewise, you will be entering future early access events automatically if you are signing up for the first time.If you are unsure whether you are subscribed at the moment or if you unsubscribed previously you can always get early access again by signing up again.

Early Access starts on Friday, 12pm CEST and runs until Monday, 12pm CEST. You will get the passcode and link to access the collection via email.If you signed up after the registration deadline on won't be eligible for this collection anymore. However, you can still get the designs on regular drop days and you will get access to future collections automatically. 

Pre-orders placed during the Early Access phase will be fulfilled as a priority so that you can receive your items as soon as possible and be among the first to wear our new designs.We aim to fulfill your order as soon as your items are available in our warehouse, but we ask for your understanding in case we cannot ship your pre-order before all of your pre-ordered items are officially available.  You will be notified periodically by email when your package ships.All orders are shipped from our fulfillment center in Germany via DHL.

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