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“If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell” (Virgil, The Aeneid VII)
We are born into this world unwillingly.
Struggling to find ourselves as we slowly drown in an endless sea of conformity and oppression.
Our exhausted lungs are about to collapse.
We spend our days staring into the abyss waiting for a change that simply won't come.
Listening to the heavy sound of the clocks slowly ticking our lives away.


Don’t waste your time holding grudges against the enemies of your past.
Stop fighting all the things you cannot control.
Stray from the...

Artist Spotlight: Ralph Espiritu

Ralph Espiritu Tattoo Studio

Ralph Espiritu, a tattoo artist and illustrator from the Philippines, is one of Stay Cold Apparel's most popular designers.

"Drawing has always felt like a natural instinct,” said Ralph. "During my formative years, I was drawing skulls all the time. I wanted an education in order to develop more ideas and details in my art. As long as I could remember, I wanted to go to art school, but that wasn't something I had the chance to do.”

At first, Ralph wasn’t sure that art could be a good...

1. How A Berlin Graffiti Artist Became A Streetwear Entrepreneur

Growing up in the East Berlin district of Friedrichshain, Stay Cold founder Max has never liked taking the traditional route.

"It’s hard for me to accept things as they are. I overanalyze and I question everything,” he says. "I have problems with authority. This business is the natural consequence of it."

He credits his creativity to his mother, a fashion designer, who encouraged him to explore the arts.

"My mother pushed me into art from the very beginning. I always had an inner ambition that drives me to do creative things. I love to build things up. I painted a...